What did we learn about marketing in 2017?

Marketing entails a constant learning process, as we must continuously adapt to the demands and expectations of our target audiences, the mediums through which we reach these audiences, and the trends that influence the market as a whole. The 2017 marketing scene was no different in this regard; there were many important marketing lessons to be gained throughout the year.

Here are a few of the biggest lessons to consider as we move into a new year.


Prepare your team early

Preemptive planning continues to be a vital part of effective marketing, and in the last few years, this notion has become recognized arguably more than ever. A strong marketing team must be cohesive and functional, and in order to achieve this reality, you must mitigate (or totally eliminate) internal conflicts to successfully move forward. Once you have found your feet in this manner, you will be able to center your team on a common goal and healthily pursue that goal without unnecessary hindrances.

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Avoiding the biggest don’ts of marketing: three tips

Whether you are marketing to promote a product, a service, or a new business entirely, there is several buckets you should shoot to fill in terms of reaching, attracting, and maintaining a target audience. Along the way, is is common to make a mistake or two as you perfect your marketing approach. You can mitigate these mistakes by avoiding some crucial “don’ts” in your advertising.

Here are a three quick tips to avoid such pitfalls.


Use effective aesthetics

Visuals and aesthetics can play a huge role in effective marketing — especially when utilizing a logo or eye-catching advertisement. With this notion in mind, it is important to put respectable effort into your aesthetic marketing. If you are planning to change your logo to reach a new audience, for example, make sure you are designing the new logo in a manner that will welcome in new customers while not alienating existing ones. Gap once failed to achieve the latter scenario while attempting to change its logo, which led it to bringing back its old logo in just two days.

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Using social media to develop a target audience

Marketing, simply put, is finding an audience for your product or service. In the past, the best way to market a new product was to find entertainment favored by a particular age demographic or geographic region and insert advertising. This was the world’s first attempt at mass marketing.

Today, social media provides marketing opportunities that are far more focused and durable than the inefficient wide campaigns common in mass media. If you are looking for ways to find an audience on social media, here are some things to consider.


Time in the Market

As with any online community, the best way to determine who is participating and what they prefer is simply to listen. Some advocate active information gathering from potential customers, but most marketers will often find their audience is already talking about what they want. Gathering that information is a simple question of listening and making use of the information.

The old business adage applies here. Customers will always tell you what they want if you let them. Finding out how to tailor your presentation can sometimes be challenging if you don’t know how your potential customers will respond, but if you can gather their questions and concerns in advance, you will provide yourself a crucial advantage and have a better chance of making a profitable market.

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Technological implications in marketing

The online marketing industry is changing rapidly for a variety of reasons. There are numerous companies that want to interact with customers more efficiently, and with more data available than ever before, now is a great time to invest in this branch of the industry.

As online shopping trends continues to grow, marketing leaders must become more innovative in how they interact with customers. Over the past few years, there are numerous companies that have struggled to increase sales due to ineffective marketing tactics.

Online marketing will continue to improve with new technology. The latest online marketing technology allows companies access to more customer data than ever before.


Why Customer Data Matters

One of the most important aspects of a successful marketing campaign is interacting with customers. There are some companies that still use old and ineffective marketing tactics with customers. Understanding the needs of customers is critical to designing a marketing plan that will actually increase sales.

The internet has drastically increased the number of marketing strategies available to use. Companies that do not have a strong online presence are at a huge disadvantage versus companies that leverage technology. With so much activity moving online, investing in this area is critical.

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